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Hi! I’m Kinga, Polish, and in love with life. My life is my movie and I take no less than that. 

Creativity is one of the things that has stuck with me ever since I was a kid. Drawing, painting, crafting, you name it. There was everything creative you could imagine.  

However, I was on and off with it all, picking up digital stuff on the way, and playing with everything as much as possible. 

I’m detail-oriented (when it comes to anything), and it’s a problem sometimes! When I don’t see something lined up perfectly (according to me), I get frustrated. 

Some time ago my initial idea was to get into brand designing and fun fact: I designed a logo and menu for a bar in Honduras around 3 years ago. Website design is what I’ve been drawn to ultimately and here I am. 

I’m also a big aesthetic freak and need to have everything done aesthetically. 

I’ve loved traveling ever since I was a kid and I’ve always known that my place is somewhere out there in the world. New places, cultures, people, and food fascinate me. I’ve never liked routine and I’ve always longed for freedom. I knew that a regular life set up by society is not for me. I worked in an office and in 2022 decided to quit it. It didn’t fullfil me in any sense, I learned stuff and quickly got bored with the routine of everyday life. You see, I enjoy challenging myself, learning new things, and developing myself. I enjoy spontaneity and not knowing what is happening in the next few days makes me feel alive. 

Definitely gonna live somewhere abroad in the future, however, I don’t know where yet. Somewhere warm, sunny, and with palm trees for sure!

And being able to just pack my laptop and work from whenever is my ultimate goal. 

From hating English to loving langugaes

I love languages but if someone told a 10-year-old me that, she would definitely laugh out loud. In elementary school, English and I were not good… friends. In fact, I hated English and sucked at it. That’s the truth. 

Long story short – when I was 13 and started junior high school, I ended up in the advanced group of the English language.

I did consider moving groups but challenging myself was more fun. At the time I also had a dream of moving to LA one day (duh) and I listened to 1D songs all day long. I literally started to absorb the language. A cherry on the top was K-dramas. 

I’ve always been a curious kiddo – especially when something interests me. I would also always look for “work smart, not hard” options. And to be honest, I don’t even know when I just knew the language. 

When I was in high school I enrolled in a Spanish language course and kind of absorbed it as well. 

But at the time I also had a language barrier! My Spanish classes were in English and actually thanks to that course I stopped being afraid of speaking and making mistakes. 

Not long after, I started a journey with other languages. They are supposed to be fun and I will never change my opinion on that.

I find it captivating that you might understand something that for somebody else is like mumbling. And people are so much more open when they learn you speak their native language!



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